Mission: Impossible 7 Box Office Advance Booking Day 1 (India): Tom Cruise’s Actioner Set to Cross 1 Lakh Ticket Sales from Top 3 National Cinema Chains Alone!

No one can contain their excitement as Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 is set for release in India on July 12. The quest will be more perilous and thrilling than ever before because Tom Cruise is returning as Ethan Hunt, the man who returns to capture the bad guys. The actor will confront his toughest opponents yet as he battles the AI, according to the critics’ assessments. This indicates that the audience will experience a similar rush of adrenaline from the opening scene of the franchise’s last film.

It’s evident that with so much excitement and enthusiasm, Mission Impossible 7 has raised the expectations of the audience sky-high. And its direct impact can be seen on the advance booking of tickets in the country. Scroll down to know the numbers.

In India, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning will have a big release and play in about 2000 theaters. The debut of Tom Cruise’s action-packed drama will be shown on more than 2500 screens, making it the actor’s biggest release in the nation. Although it got off to a poor start when advance booking for the movie began two weeks ago, it has gained up steam recently. Pinkvilla reports that over 68,000 tickets for Mission Impossible 7 have been purchased at prestigious theater chains. Inox came in second with 20,000 tickets sold, then PVR with 40,000, and CinĂ©polis with 8000. The movie is anticipated to sell nearly 90,000 tickets in the aforementioned chains by the time of its premiere.


Looking at the numbers and as per Pinkvilla, Tom Cruise starrer Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning will outperform other Hollywood releases this year in India, including Fast X and Flash, which sold approximately 75,000 and 50,000 tickets respectively. As per box office collections, Fast X had a start of 12.5 crores, and MI 7 is expected to earn around 12 to 14 crores on its first day. The number could have been higher, but considering its mid-week release, it fell slightly behind the 15 crore mark. However, ticket sales can always change!

Since the movie sold almost 150,000 tickets throughout the course of the extended five-day period, the weekend ticket sales figures are also strong for the movie. Despite not being released on a Friday, the movie is anticipated to maintain its upward trend as sales are spread out over the five days of non-holiday release. For any Hollywood movie opening in the middle of the week, Saturday has already registered its highest day for reservations in terms of the weekend.

For the uninitiated, Mission: Impossible 6 earned 9.5 crores on its opening day and this time, it has seen a 35% growth in collections. However, whether it will break the record of Vin Diesel starrer Fast X or not remains to be seen.


If the film is to be believed based on reviews, Tom Cruise starrer Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning can become one of the biggest successes in India.


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Note: Box office numbers are estimated and based on various sources. The numbers have not been independently verified by KoiMoi.


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